We have the ability to produce some products abroad besides we do the manufacture of many products to be found in our internet site within our own organization. Our company has a strong position in the sector with the production of annual 6milion pieces MAGNET, 1.5 million units coaster and  MousePad.

We have the ability to import of the internal modules of various electronic products and the exterior custom design and adaptation for you. In this way, expanding our range of products we aim to manufacture custom products just for you.

We are doing the import product and marketing research service that to products of your using for your purpose at the same time we are able to order as you can demand place a fixed model abroad and especially in connection with CHINA.

For all products and especially ingots that require plastic injection products; We are able to provide you product design and realistic picture of the finished product, the product manufactured without within a short period of time with 3D modeling and presentation programs.